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soal bahasa inggris smp kelas 2


KELAS                : IV (EMPAT)
WAKTU                : 2 X 45 MENIT
HARI / TANGGAL        : 
NAMA / NO UJIAN        :  ___________________ / ____

I.    Cross out (x) a, b, c or d for the correct answer.
Read the text for answer the question below.
How do scientists work out the way herbivorous dinosaurs ate their food?
Scientist work out how herbivorous dinosaurs ate their food by looking at their skeletons.
When scientists find long fossils of neck bones, they have evidence of creatures that had very long necks. From this, they deduce that those creatures ate leaves from the tops of very tall trees.
Scientists also look at the fossilized jaw bones of a dinosaur. When they see comb-like front teeth, they deduce that this creature plucked or tore leaves from trees.
Next, scientists look for grinding teeth at the back of the jaw bones. If they cannot find any, they look in the stomach cavity for large stones. Scientists compare these to stones found in the gizzards of some present – day birds. These birds swallow stones to help grid up the food that they eat. Scientist think the stones to help grind up the food that they eat. Scientists think the stones inside the dinosaurs did the same job.
Fossilized bones give us clues about how dinosaurs lived. When scientists compare them with the bones of modern-day creatures, they can tell how the dinosaurs gathered their food and even how they ate it!

1-5     Answer the question below Based on the text above
1.    Scientists work out how dinosaurs ate their food by looking at their______
a. eye sockets                c. feet
b. tails                          d. skeletons
2.    When scientists find long fossils of neck bones, they have evidence of a creature that_____
a. had long legs                c. had a long neck
b. could run fast                  d. was fierce
3.    When scientists find comb-like front teeth in a jaw bone, they deduce that this creature_______ 
a. had long hair                c. plucked or tore leaves from trees
b. ate meat                      d. caught fish in a lake
4.    Some present-day birds swallow stones to ______
a. sharpen their teeth                 c. make them feel full
b. help grind up the food that they eat          d. play games
5.    Fossilized dinosaur bones give us clues about_____
a. paleontologists                c. modern animals’ diseases
b. how dinosaurs lived                  d. the color of dinosaurs’ skins
6.    When _____ snow begins to fall, it’s like a mercy from the god
a. the                        c. a
b. an                          d. in

7.    Tell the children _____ joke
a. a                        c. the
b. an                          d. in
8.    White snowflakes flutter to the ground
    Ice creeps across puddles
    Now is the time to
    Turn on our heaters,
    Eat hot dinners,
    Read adventure books, indoors
    What types of poem above?
a. acrostic poem                c. shape poem
b. limerick poem                  d. rhyme poem
9.    Yudi said that his all-time favorite film ____ “Transformer”
a. is                        c. will be
b. has been                      d. was
10.    Dinda informed us that she ______ to fly to New York the next day
    a. is going to                    c. was going
    b. will be going                d. went
11.    My baby sister has a little round _____ nose
    a. button                     c. carrot
    b. stone                    d. turnip
12.    Her sweet words were like _____ to my ears
    a. honey                    c. sugar
    b. salt                        d. jam

13.    The choir ____ busy rehearsing its song item for the concert
    a. are                        c. was
    b. is                        d. was going to
14.    The school _____ raised enough funds for its new library
    a. has                        c. did
    b. is                        d. done
15.    If you visit the Singapore Zoo, you ____ many amazing animals
    a. will see                    c. have seen
    b. saw                        d. were seeing
16.    The characters in that book were so _____ that I did not want to put the book down till I had finished it
    a. cute                    c. nasty
    b. kind                    d. fascinating
17.    The movie I saw yesterday was so _____ that I close my eyes through most of it
    a. frightening                c. interesting
    b. humorous                    d. strange
18.    _______ it was raining, we didn’t go running today
    a. so                        c. yet 
    b. or                        d. as
19.    There were no trains ____ we walked home after the concert
    a. because                     c. so
    b. for                        d. since
20.    Can you play a _____ shot in tennis?
    a. forehead                    c. forefinger
    b. foreman                    d. forehand

Fill in the blank
1.    We should have stopped at _____ bakery!
2.    Hurray!! We won _____ million dollars in the lucky draw!!!
3.    Rudi said, “My brother dislike me”
Rudi said that his brother _______ him 
4.    The police ____ searching the entire neighborhood for the lost child. (is/are)
5.    ______ of these books is suitable for my little brother. They are too difficult for him. (neither/another)
6.    Susi found a book on the table but she did not see the _____ under the table. (others/other)
7.    I took my jacket _____ I was too hot. (since/because)  
8.    She is ill ___ she cannot go to school today. (so/since)
9.    Joni runs _____ a rocket. (simile)
10.    A ____ tells us how a problem is solved. (narrative story)

1.    Write down 3 sentences of article “a, an, the”
2.    Write down 3 sentences of direct to indirect speech
3.    Write down 3 sentences of connectors of reasons 
4.    Write down 3 sentences using suffixes –able and –ible to form adjectives
5.    Write down 3 types of poems

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